Beginner's FAQ: A quick-and-dirty document containing some basic questions and answers; the FAQ is a good starting point for newbies

Finding a Dog: Information and articles about finding a sheepdog, including links to breeders and agents and information about what to look for when buying a sheepdog

Finding an Instructor: Information about locating a herding instructor in your area, as well as articles about choosing the best instructor for your learning style

Clinics: list of upcoming clinics, and information on how to get the most from a clinic when you get there

Clubs: list of sheepdog clubs organized by geographical region

Training: articles and other documents that discuss the mysteries of training a sheepdog

Trialing: articles and other documents that focus specifically on the intricacies of sheepdog trials

On Your Own: Information about finding a field and buying your own sheep

Sheep Talk: Articles about the care and feeding of sheep

Top Handlers: Profiles of some of the Big Hats, to inspire and depress us!

Great Dogs: stories of the dogs who have helped some of the Big Hats make it look easy