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Training and Trialing Books

A Way of Life (H. Glyn Jones)
A complete guide to sheepdog training, trialing, and handling by a noted U.K. trainer
Herding Dogs: Progressive Training (Vergil S. Holland)
A very popular training book for both ranchers and trial enthusiasts.
Lessons from a Stockdog (Bruce Fogt)
Good book for the beginning trainer.
One Man’s Opinion (Colin Gordon)
Explanation of a theory of judging sheepdog trials
The Farmer’s Dog (John Holmes)
The psychology of stockdogs and their training. An old classic.
Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog (Heather Nadelman and Sally Molloy, eds.)
Popular collection of interviews with top trainers in the US and UK on the early training of working border collies.
Training the Sheep Dog (Thomas Longton and Barbara Sykes)
A comprehensive guide to training a border collie for both trials and practical work.
Working With a Stockdog (Anna M. Guthrie)
A helpful guide for ranchers and novice shepherds who want to get the most out of their stockdog.

History Books

Border Collie Studies (John Herries McCulloch)
Reprint of a classic study of working border collie pedigrees and genetics, first published in 1951.
One Man’s Way (Austin Bennett)
Interviews with many top trainers and handlers in the U.K. With biographical information and Border Collie pedigrees.
Sheep Dogs and Their Masters (John Herries McCulloch)
Reprint of the classic history of the working border collie, first published in the U.K. in 1938.
Sheepdogs: My Faithful Friends (Eric Halsall)
Famous Border Collies of Great Britain
The Dog Wars (Donald McCaig)
Recounts the struggle of the working Border Collie community against the American Kennel Club over the future of their breed.
International Sheepdog Brace Champions, 1926-2006 (Pauline and Andrew Hall)
Covers the history and scoring of the International Brace competition. Photos and pedigrees of each champion.
Jim Cropper: The Dog Man (Edward Hart)
The story of Jim Cropper, his dogs, and his training methods. Great photographs and an interesting read.

Fiction and Narratives

American Lambs (T. Yamamoto)
A collection of interrelated stories and poems about working sheepdogs, family and life on the land.
Nop’s Trials (Donald McCaig)
The famous story of the sheepdog Nop.

Sheepdog Glory (Roy Saunders)
Reprint from the original printing in 1956 with a new preface by David Rees. A true biography of Toss, owned and trained by the author.
Nop’s Hope (Donald McCaig)
Sequel to Nop’s Trials.
Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men (Donald McCaig)
Narrative nonfiction story of the author's search to purchase a trained border collie in Scotland.

Children’s Books

A Puppy for Annie (Kim Lewis)
The story of Annie and her new Border Collie puppy. Kim Lewis lives in rural Northumberland, England with her family and dogs. Beautifully illustrated.
Tam: A Border Collie (Sharon Northrup)
Follow working border collie Tam from his birth in rural Scotland through the challenges he faces with different owners. First volume in the TAM series.
Angus and Sadie (Cynthia Voight and Tom Leigh)
Angus and Sadie’s life on a farm in Maine. Grades 4-6
Tam’s Pup (Sharon Northrup)
The story of Punk, Tam's mischievous daughter. Second volume in the TAM series.
Floss (Kilm Lewis)
The story of a young Border Collie who really knows how to play ball! But when she's sent to a distant farm to become a sheepdog, there's so much work to be done that Floss has little time for fun. Illustrated by the author.
Lark’s Return (Sharon Northrup)
Tells of the attempts to turn a frightened young border collie into a willing sheepdog.Third volume in the TAM series.
My Name is Cap (T. Martino)
A true story about a Border Collie that was rescued.
When Ordinary Humiliation
Just Isn't Enough