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Audio CDs

Gaining the Winning Edge with Whistles (Kent Kuykendall)
Explains whistles in clear, easy-to-understand language.
Talking Training from Start to Finish (Derek Scrimgeour)
Set of 2 Audio CDs detailing Derek's training methods. Concise and easy to understand.


Training: Starting a Dog
First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training: From Chaos to Control
Especially helpful for the first-time trainer.
Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep, or Ducks
Covers all the basic commands as this 90 minute video shows 5 young dogs as they progress through the early stages of training
Time Well Spent (Aled Owen)
Practical training of the farm dog. Each stage of training is carefully demonstrated.
Stockdog Training Fundamentals: The Basics (Mike Hubbard)
Puppyhood through the early steps of training. Sheep and cattle.
The Shepherd’s Pup (Derek Scrimgeour)
Aimed at the farmer wanting to train a dog ready for farm work. Covers the Scrimgeour method from puppyhood through the young sheepdog.
Training the Working Stockdog: Developing the Natural Instincts (Elvin Kopp)
Tape 1 of a series. Covers the initial stages of training.
Come Bye and Away! (H. Glyn Jones)
The early stages of sheepdog training.
Training: Intermediate and Advanced
Shedding With Alasdair MacRae
A shedding clinic with Alasdair MacRae DVD. From teaching the shed to competition shedding.
Take Time (H. Glyn Jones)
Training your dog from farm work to trialing.
Training Secrets of a Hill Shepherd (Derek Scrimgeour)
A training course with Derek Scrimgeour. Covers Derek’s latest theories, including his “dangerous ground.”
That’ll Do (H. Glyn Jones)
Widening the sheepdog’s experiences.
A Hill Shepherd Trains His Border Collies (Derek Scrimgeour)
Covers the varying stages of training development of some of Derek Scrimgeour’s young dogs.
Training the Working Stockdog: Mechanical Training (Elvin Kopp)
Tape 2 of a series. The intermediate stages of training. Demonstrates how to get your dog to take the different sides, drive, shed and look back.
Stockdog Training Fundamentals: Outwork and Drives (Mike Hubbard)
Tape 2 of a series. Developing balance and self control, building an outrun and driving. Sheep and cattle.
Training: Cattle
Training the Working Stockdog: Practical Applications (Elvin Kopp)
Tape 3 of a series. Main emphasis is cattle.
Training Your Dog to Work Cattle (Mike Hubbard)
Aimed at those wanting to train their border collies for cattle work.
2001 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals
Montgomery, Alabama. From Rural Route Videos
2006 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (edited)
ncludes highlights from the top 3 Nursery runs, the top 5 Semi-finals runs and the 17 Final runs.
2003 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals
Sturges, South Dakota. From Rural Route Videos
2006 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (top two runs)
Unedited footage of the top two runs of the 2006 National Sheepdog Finals.
2004 ISDS Supreme International.
Produced by Rural Route Videos

2007 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals
Torrington, Wyoming. This video features the 4 days of competitons, covering both the Open and Nursery. Qualifying competitons and then the finals for both catagories.
In the Mind of a Champion
Scott Glen and Alasdair narrate their winning runs on the 2001 and 2004 Bluegrass Trial International Course.
2009 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals.
See the 17 finalists compete for the title of National Champion at the USBCHA Finals in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
2005 ISDS Supreme International
From Ross-on-Wye, with highlights from Qualifying and the story of the Supreme.
One Man and HIs Dog DVD
The best of thirty years of the UK One Man and His Dog sheepdog competition. (Note: this DVD is Region 2 and will not play on most US DVD players--you can usually play it on any computer.)
2005 World Trial Highlights
Highlights of the 4 days of the 2005 World Trial held in Tullamore, Ireland.
Just for Fun
Mist: The Tale of A Sheepdog Puppy
Mist is one of three pups born at Borough Farm, UK.. Can Mist one day prove herself worthy of a place in the farm's team of sheepdogs? Filmed by David Kennard.
Mist: Top Dog
A competition is set up to discover who is the best sheepdog on Borough Farm. Fourth in the “Mist” series.
Mist: The Roundup
Sequel to 'Mist'-the tale of a sheepdog puppy. Based on stories and characters by David Kennard.
The Year of the Working Sheepdog (David Kennard)
Filmed in North Devon, England. Follows a team of border collies throughout the year.
Mist: A Helping Paw
Third DVD in the “Mist” series by David Kennard. 6 Episodes are included plus a bonus episode on this DVD.
When Ordinary Humiliation
Just Isn't Enough